Virtual Canvas Paint Parties!

Virtual Birthday Party

We are the party experts!
Let us host your best virtual birthday party!

What will we do?

  • Canvas Paint Lesson or Plaster Painting Fun
  • Virtual Interactive Games
  • Video Chat Fun with Friends & Family
  • Sing Happy Birthday to Guest of Honor
Flamingo Canvas Art

We handle it all!

  • Art Supplies sent to you to distribute or directly to your guests
  • Invites e-mailed to your guests with party link
  • Guests offered option to send gifts to guest of honor
  • Hostess organizes party and activities
  • Video available afterwards for keepsake
Virtual Birthday Party Box

Invite grandparents and relatives to join the fun for no extra charge!

Grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends and family (up to 50 total) can join the online session, watch the children have fun and sing along.

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle Join Virtual Party

What's Included?

Party Details

  • 1.5 hour party
  • First ten guests included
  • Dedicated party host/instructor
  • E-mail invites and conference link
  • Instructor lead canvas paint lesson
  • Interactive virtual games
  • Invite non participant guests (up to 50)
  • Sing Happy Birthday with all your family & friends

Each Guest Receives

  • 11 x 14 canvas
  • 2 professional paint brushes
  • Paint colors
  • Instructor lead lesson

How does it work?

Book Your Party
Receive your party box!
Distribute Party Kits
Join the Party Fun!
Watch the Video & Share

Party Package Details

  • $400 party package
  • 1.5 hour party
  • First ten guests included
  • Each additional guest – $15
  • Invite non participant guests (up to 50)
    – no additional charge
  • Box of supplies shipped to guest of honor with bags to distribute to guests
    UPS Ground Shipping charged as incurred
  • Additional shipping charges to ship to each guest if necessary
  • Party deposit – $150
  • Remainder charged day of party

Contact us to book your party!

Call: (718) 381-3334

Have your Virtual Party with guests from anywhere in the US!

We've hosted virtual parties across the United States and look forward to reaching all 50 states! Invite your friends from anywhere! We'll ship their supplies.

Virtual Party Map