Saturday morning art workshops are recommended for children who love art and want to learn more. This is not just an art activity. Children will learn a new art skill at each workshop. Our leader Kimberly studied art at FIT and has been instructing art to children and adults for over twenty years.

This is a drop off workshop only. You may sign up for one workshop for or save money and sign up for 4 sessions. Each week is a different lesson with a great new skill and a masterpiece to take home that day.

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Riverton School Virtual Lesson


Riverton Street School Virtual Lesson
Graduation Giraffe
Thursday, June 24, 2021

This is a step by step virtual lesson for students of Riverton Street Charter School. All supplies will be delivered to the school and will be available for pickup on June 17th. There are no refunds.

Canvas Painting Art Class – Tuesday June 22nd 4pm-530pm


Canvas Painting Art Class
Thursday June 22nd
4:00pm – 5:30pm

This art class will introduce children to the basics of canvas painting with acrylics, as well as show them different brush art techniques. By mixing paint and creating the perfect colors they will create their favorite characters on canvas.